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Chapter 7 & 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer - Federer Law Office | Rochester, IN

Bankruptcy Attorney in Rochester, IN

Don't worry, we can help with

Don't worry,
we can help with


If you feel like your debts are deep enough to fill Lake Manitou and you think you might drown, it may be time to call Ashley Federer—your bankruptcy lawyer in Rochester, Indiana.

It's easy to feel embarrassed and alone when you're in financial turmoil, but it's not as uncommon as you might think. Ashley Federer has filed thousands of bankruptcy cases in Indiana, and she concentrates in two major forms: Chapter 7 & Chapter 13.


There are different types of bankruptcy for different situations. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is for those who have fallen behind and just need some breathing room to catch up. This is especially handy if you have equity in your home and you are trying to keep it. As long as you qualify for Chapter 13, you can reorganize your debt and create a payment plan that will keep creditors at bay for a period of time while you pay down your debt.

More commonly, people employ a more aggressive form of debt relief with the help of Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If your debt is extensive, you can have all or most of it discharged so that you can enjoy cheering on our Rochester Zebras without these worries gnawing away at you. In very, very few cases, you may have nonexempt assets that will need to be liquidated in order to pay off a portion of your debt, but everyone's case is different. Consulting with a bankruptcy lawyer is your first step.

Bankruptcy Attorney in Rochester, IN

When you're ready to seek out your financial life preserver, the law office of Ashley Federer isn't far away. With offices in Monticello and Lafayette, help out of deep water is just a short drive away!

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