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Don't worry, we can help with

Don't worry,
we can help with


We understand the stress and embarrassment of having money troubles, but the most distressing thing is when these troubles threaten your home. This is where we can give you a helping hand. Depending on your situation, it's not guaranteed that you can keep your home, but in many cases, bankruptcy can be just the thing to get your finances in order so you can stand on your own two feet again.

When you're seeking an affordable bankruptcy attorney in Logansport, IN, call Ashley Federer to have her years of experience in your corner.


If you live in the city "where two rivers meet," but you're having trouble making ends meet, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be just the thing you need to get caught up. Chapter 13 allows qualified debtors to arrange a payment plan to keep debtors off your back for a time as you get back on track. Under Chapter 13, there's no need for asset liquidation, so your home and all of your possessions are usually safe.

Under Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you may be able to completely discharge your debt without losing your possessions. Asset liquidation may be a factor to getting your financial freedom back. But an experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you sort out what assets should be liquidated—and which ones are exempt.

Logansport, Indiana Bankruptcy Assistance

When you feel it's time to file for bankruptcy, partnering with an experienced attorney is how you put your best foot forward. This is especially important if you own one of Logansport's many historic homes. With the Logansport Bankruptcy Lawyer, you'll know when, how, and if you really need to file for bankruptcy. Don't go it alone, without a talented bankruptcy lawyer, you may find yourself in a situation akin to crossing the Eel River unaided, when you could have a bridge!

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